AFA goes nuts after Wal-Mart features gay love story in

Queerty gave you a phone number. Go figure. ShowMeGuy A blind date at Walmart. Search for:. Would like to call and tell upper management thank you.

AFA goes nuts after Wal-Mart features gay love story in

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I think you got it!!!

Супер AFA goes nuts after Wal-Mart features gay love story in попали самую

He encouraged members to harass Wal-Mart, complaining about their "offensive" and "pro-homosexual" video. I already called! Is grocery shopping at Walmart first date-worthy? Jack Meoff OK so we are congratulating Walmart for dragging themselves into about the mids with that ad. I will never understand why these groups get so upset about gay content in commercials or tv shows but they will blissfully watch The Bachelor.

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  • Proving that the corporate behemoth has moved into the 21st century, Wal-Mart has just released a video featuring two gay men falling for each other after discovering a skillet in the retail giant.
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Latest on Queerty. Since their founding in Tupelo, Mississippi, the group has almost exclusively campaigned against LGBT people, doing such things as:. BUT, at least they tried. Retail giant Wal-Mart, not exactly known for its tolerance or liberal policies, has been releasing a week-by-week video dating series called "Love Is In The Aisle.

And the American Family Association has already lost its mind.

AFA goes nuts after Wal-Mart features gay love story in

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