He is probably in denial about being gay or bi

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. I do wish you well and hope things are progressing. But what I've realised is that the people that do that, don't even care. If I could tell you how many Men have approached Me you would be shocked.

I believe my husband married me to cover his sexuality, i feel doomed, we've been married 3 months n had sex 4 times n then it's just wam bam. However, if he really is gay and only interested in men, he probably wouldn't do this multiple times. As odd as this feels,the more you talk to others you will find it is not such an unusual situation to be in.

In another third, the couple stays together for two years and then divorces. Those, combined, can give you a pretty good read on where you are. Now that we confirmed he was cheating I can't help to think why?

I have been putting this off as I am scared of the amount of people he has been with in the last year about I just always thought he was joking around and just having fun but now I think He is probably in denial about being gay or bi was having a little too much fun. If you're a man, and you think your boyfriend might be gay, then.

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If I, were to live in a world where homosexuality was the norm, and had religious groups telling me it was a sin to be straight, I don't know how I could deal with that. Answers not asked for or expected, just input and ideas. Tell us what you think.

Kahn said. Unless our physiology changes to asexual reproduction, this is not in accord with the laws of nature. This quoted comment is not made by me.

He didn't have to say that but it was very appreciated. Please be kind to yourself. Joe Kort, Ph. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Tired of being. You walk on eggshells around your spouse to avoid conflict.

He is probably in denial about being gay or bi

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