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Why not New York? Not only is the subject of homosexuality tricky but the pretense of those that gave a hand in committing much of the crimes against Here you will find black gays very own have prescribed to the same behaviors in secret or silence but for fear of being discovered had succumb to the peer pressures of killing the fag.

With respect to the American Constitution marriage is not a religious contract but a legal one. Even when I began to realize things about myself, began to suspect who I was and what I was likely to become, it was still very personal, absolutely personal.

Both are atrocities; one should not be pitted against the other. Litigation is extremely expensive, even if a gay-rights advocacy group did the work pro-bono. Do better?

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Black gay relationships fail because we expect the path straight people take to work for us. This is the place locals prefer for a drink to start the night. The government does not recognize the LEGAL ramifications of same-sex marriages and Christians keep voting against it because they think homosexuals want to partake in the religious aspect when that is absolutely not the case.

Are you optimistic about the possibility of blacks and gays forging a political coalition? Every problem we have on Earth has a direct link to us disobeying God and doing what WE think feels right, all the way back to Adam and Eve.

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