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The Alabama House voted 60 to 14 in favor of the bill, after which the Alabama Senate voted 23 to 9. That would be bad. Groups of Canadians provide financial and logistical support for a year to a refugee who has been approved for resettlement. Thinking back, would you say your views on same-sex marriage have or have not changed significantly over the course of your lifetime?

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I couldn't eat. Opinion Op-Ed. They all really like me. In general, do you think gays or lesbians should or should not have equal rights as non-gays or non-lesbians in terms of job opportunities?

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People who have homosexual friends, family members, or colleagues are more likely to express opinions about these issues, and they generally view gays in a In my opinion you can find gay many good gay positive light compared with those who do not have gay acquaintances and relatives.

This is entering your own personal view about the subject as a measuring tool. This subject is very dear to my heart. Don't get me wrong; today's society has changed drastically from 30 years ago. Marriage was always a tradition where you showed your loved one you loved them right?

Being gay is the worst cases of all.

Thinking about how the gay marriage issue might affect your vote for major offices, would you -- [ROTATED: only vote for a candidate who shares your views on gay marriage, consider a candidate's position on gay marriage as just one of many important factors when voting, or would you not see gay marriage as a major issue?

And yet the available research does not support this view. Violence against L. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Harper Jean Tobin, the policy director for the National Center for Transgender Equality , noted that there are states — Nevada, for one — where changing your designated gender on a government document requires only affidavits from people who know you.

In my opinion you can find gay many good gay

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  • Feb 10,  · You wanna know what my opinion on homosexuality is (Dont thumb me down, because Im going to tell my honest opinion) I feel it is an abomination, and that it should not be practiced. I see it in the same league as pedophilia, bestiality and incest. The latter two dont harm any other person, but are still disgusting feezch.infoers: 2. Nov 15,  · Belief that homosexuality is immutable is strongly associated with positive opinions about gays and lesbians ­ even more strongly than education, personal acquaintance with a homosexual, or general ideological beliefs. For example, about two-thirds of people who think homosexuality can be changed (68%) have an unfavorable opinion of gay Benjamin Wormald.
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  • This should not be a question because it is stupid and not right to be that. People that are gay want to supported by people. They should know that it is not right and should not be tolerated. This should not be a question because it is very wrong. This happens to be my opinion and other people need to know my opinion on this subject. Being bisexual is not, in my opinion, a choice, any more than being gay is.) But being gay is different from being bisexual. When you simply cannot dredge up any sexual or romantic interest in the opposite sex, and you feel overhwelmingly drawn to members of your own gender, your only real “choice” — and I say that very loosely — is.
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  • What do you mean by celibacy? I learned a new word the other day. Electrosexual. If you’re talking about the kind of “I choose God and never had an orgasm” celibacy that is not me. On the other hand, I have never had sex with another person and I. Jul 11,  · Why do people think all good-looking guys are 'gay'? I asked this already, but it was in a different category, and i'd like everyones opinion. So, in today's society in many parts of the world, when someone see's a well toned, muscular, tan guy with a hairless body, the first thing that comes to mind is "He's gotta be gay".
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  • Dec 19,  · Being against gay marriage because it’s YOUR religion is like being mad at someone for eating a doughnut while YOU are on a diet. One day gay marriage will be legalized. And that is my opinion. Yes and it is more common in societies that are prejudicial against homosexuality. Such a person is self-loathing, a well-known psychological disorder, often not realized by its sufferer. You can find self-denying homosexuals who are violent to ga.
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  • I'm not saying it is wrong to be against it, Its up to you its your opinion. I have always been around gay couples. My step mom was a lesbian I grew up with 3 moms who loved me to death and I never once questioned me sexuality, I did't realise I was pan In tell I was 14 and my step moms were there every step of the way. (Is Same Sex. In the U.K. we have the Equality Act Regulations and although same sex marriage isn’t legal, gay couples can enter into what is known as a civil partnership. In my opinion these measures towards equal rights do not go far enough, which is clear from the .
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