Just a gay chat Archive of Our Own

I would rather prefer to know the authors lost just a gay chat Archive of Our Own and abandoned the story rather than knowing they were deleted and it took too much work to rewrite the whole thing so they abandoned it. Founder of Ebook Friendly, ebook enthusiast, and self-published short story author.

The following are some of the criticisms that some have made of Archive of Our Own as a fanfiction archive.

just a gay chat Archive of Our Own

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The archive does employ a team of tag wranglers whose sole task is to link together related tags to be more searchable. Here are the ones I like there:. One day, I noticed all my favorite fanfics somehow disappeared.

Why should I make a flamey review when the author is just going to diregard it? Since there's been a lot of solo and non OT7 stans lately. The quality of fanfiction is much higher, I have no problems with the tagging system and adore the the community because a lot of community is connected with Tumblr.

Naruto is the second most popular fandom, with more than , stories. N as well, but I don't read there anymore.

Just a gay chat Archive of Our Own

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