The latest Tweets from Gay boy 18(@ _joshua)

I actually know the teacher, having graduated from that school. It is unavoidable. This was during a time not that long ago when being gay in school was far less tolerable than it is today. And I am tired of the one who fights back gets more penalty when the abusers get off easy.

The latest Tweets from Gay boy 18(@ _joshua)

Thanks for that, Joseph. So yeah, this guy is totally my hero and I applaud him. Finally I heard it 1 time to many and just leapt over the table and started to beat the shit out of him — just like Jordan.

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Good for him. What stands out the most though is the lack of any reaction or speaking up by the teacher until it was time to blame jordon. Sabrina, look at what tRump has done to roll back all the gains that have been made to not discriminate against LGBT students and people.

Lol Matt is an idiot, I just had to chime in with you. Because it lets the bullies think they scared you off. I wouldnt have The latest Tweets from Gay boy 18(@ _joshua) it, or scurried across the room to get out of the way, I would have been between the two of them and I would have knocked this dudes lights out….

Win or lose, show them your not messing around with them and throw some hay makers! Jordan was right to stand up for himself. That reach is long…on so many levels. Thanks for that, Joseph.

The latest Tweets from Gay boy 18(@ _joshua)

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