The Life of a Gay Man in Romania

I have friends gays in my country but they've never been in Romania so they can't help. He was taken to the station, and information from his ID were recorded. But this probably happens because until I might be wrong with years being gay was forbidden and everybody that admitted it was jailed.

Daniel: With this method the police were trying to gather informants — "Want to be let go? There are circumstances to extenuate their deeds, unlike perverts in freedom, who The Life of a Gay Man in Romania this thing for enjoyment, as a hobby. They put me in a cell for an hour.

In our last interview about the life of gay people in Romania, we interviewed someone who lives in a smaller city in Romania. If there will ever be an opportunity, I think that living in another country would be the best thing.

It gave them a chance to be who they were without the disapproval of their family and childhood friends. Most of the students in universities that are very connected to other countries through the internet tend to have a more open mind. Well, America is hardly the bastion of open-mindedness.

I would definitely try to avoid kissing in public, holding hands or anything that could show my sexual orientation, though. The reason, he cannot prove that he will return to Romania. I came out more than a decade ago The Life of a Gay Man in Romania some colleagues, friends, and then to my siblings.

Yeah, not a lot of room there.

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Then, again, the Romanian society started to change for worse ever since the s, and I mean we became more and more… Western or, pardon my French, alien. But, times they are a changing — even in Romania. I am not desperate about this, but I think that having somebody is something that could boost the quality of my life.

I went through that as well. The Life of a Gay Man in Romania, the social pressure i. To be more precise, I am a Roma, and being also a gay was sad in the beginning, but at some point I chose to turn it to laughter and make fun of it. Copyright 1Dad1Kid. What role has religion played in your life growing up, and what role does it play for you as an adult now?

Subscribe via RSS. They asked for my papers; I gave them, but I said, "What do you want? On 7 June , Romania had attempted to amend its Constitution to ban same-sex marriage through a commission tasked with amending it, with 15 MPs in the commission voting for, and only 3 abstentions.

By hiding the truth? Although there are signs of growing public acceptance of same-sex couples in some quarters, Romanian authorities have done little to promote acceptance or debate and, in some cases, have moved in the opposite direction under the influence of the powerful Romanian Orthodox Church, which opposes same-sex relationships.

The Penal Code was amended in to include incitement to discrimination.

The Life of a Gay Man in Romania

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  • In our last interview about the life of gay people in Romania, we interviewed someone who lives in a smaller city in Romania. This time we speak with Iulian [not his real name] who lives in the country’s capital. I found many of his responses to be quite interesting. Please tell my readers a. We both love Romania. That’s no big secret. Romania is no fan of the LGBT community, however. I had a taste of what it is like to be a gay man there when we lived in Brasov in While there have been positive changes—mostly because of the fall of Communism and the necessary changes to become.
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  • Because gay life in Bucharest could hardly be considered thriving and largely occurs at night or behind closed doors, of the attractions in Bucharest during the day gay travelers will want to see are the top attractions in Bucharest anyway. Romania's best gay bars & dance clubs, gay-rated hotels, gay saunas and cruise clubs. Exclusive reviews, maps and discounts. Travel Gay - The ultimate guide for the LGBT traveller - gay bar and club listings, hotel reviews and more. part of The best of Gay Travel.
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  • Being gay in a small town is suffering in Romania. Because the attitude towards gay people is mostly negative here, a lot of people end up repressing their homosexuality and end up having internalized homophobia, myself included. I have never met another gay . Jun 10,  · Hello Guys!!! I'm back with a new video wich is about this year's LGBTQ+ PRIDE in my city Bucharest the cappital of Romania. This is a short video, a .
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